Tuesday, 7 January 2020

What is Fraud? - Dhananjay Choudhary Lawyer Expert

When a person intentionally deceives the other person for his profit like to attain a purpose, then that is said to be as Fraud. The Fraud done could be for different purposes such as –

      To have a Money – If anyone does the Fraud to fetch the money from another person and later on, the person who gets deceived could not be able to do anything. The Fraud happens, which makes the victim lose the hard-earned money.

      Take Goods away – There are various valuable things that a person takes away from doing Fraud with the person. There are times when the other person is taking valuables like gold or costly ornaments by making the victim fool, hypnotizing, or by doing any other things.

      The sensitive Information – At times, there is critical information with a person regarding any critical position, business secret, and others. The person deceives another person who is having information with his different tricks and take out all the information.

      The deceiver can sell the information to the one who needs that or can use it for its interest.

Even in a different work area of life, Fraud is a very common thing nowadays. So, it had become essential for everyone to become vigilant.

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