Tuesday, 7 January 2020

What does it mean to be illegal? - Dhananjay Choudhary Lawyer Expert

In every country, there are certain rules which everyone needs to follow, and if anyone does not follow that, then that person will be penalized for it as per norms. 

If anything which is done against the laws made is said to be illegal. There are different platforms offline and online which we are using nowadays, such as online banking transactions, social media, and many others. 

There are specific rules which are being made by the organizing team who is monitoring them. The rules and regulations established by these organizations are being considered as laws, and any breach in its rules and regulation, then the doer will be penalized.

Penalty of illegal Activity

The penalty is being given on the severity basis, that whether the illegal act is big or small. If it’s affecting the person that it threatens the life of a victim, or could cause harm to life. Then the penalty for it will be serious as compared to if anything is stolen, for which the person will get a less penalty.

The penalty will be given to the person or doer of the illegal act and needs to take the penalty as per crime. The penalty is already mentioned in the rules and regulation made by the law.

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